Elevation Adjustment

Elevation Adjustment

Running out of elevation adjustment on your turrets is a common issue. Zeroing at long range, or compensating for barrel droop can quickly require more elevation turret adjustment than your scope is capable of. This is especially present when using high magnification scopes which have less turret adjustment available.

Many shooters will require height adjustable mounts or the use of an angled rail, but these options are expensive and often mean you can’t use the rail or mounts you originally wanted.

Elevation Adjustment

A method of adding more elevation adjustment is ‘shimming’, where adding a small amount of material underneath the scope at the rear mount can tip the scope downwards a little, making the line of the scope look down towards the line of the barrel. Traditional shimming techniques are dangerous and can potentially damage the scope’s tube and integrity.

To overcome these issues Hawke have designed a set of Mount Inserts

that safely and accurately tip the line of the scope down by 25 MOA and allow use of your existing mounts. The inserts come as a pair; one for the front and one for the rear mount, and so do not risk crimping the tube or misshaping it through use of shims.

Elevation Adjustment Inserts
  • Hawke Adjustable Mounts


    compensation of +/- 30 MOA

    Double torx screws to hold your scope firmly in place. Reversible dove tail clamp that fits 9-11mm and 3/8 inch. Internal cushion tape prevents marking and damage.

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  • Hawke Mount Inserts


    Adds 25 MOA of elevation

    Designed to fit Hawke Match Mounts. Precision engineered to exacting standards. Hard wearing, non-slip materials

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