Ian Harford

Ian Harford

Ian Harford is an experienced international hunter and passionate outdoorsman. As the Chief International Pro Staff for Realtree, an ambassador for a number of leading hunting brands, as well as being one of the UK’s leading hunting personalities, Ian has strong relationships throughout the international Gun Trade, and shooting community.

Born in the USA and raised in Europe, Ian enjoys a unique perspective on the style and approach to hunting both in North America and internationally.

To me hunting is not a past time or a hobby, it’s a way of life, a state of mind, a spiritual calling if you will. It’s difficult to describe to the uninitiated exactly what it means to be a hunter, because it can mean so many different things.

Ian possesses a passion for country sports and regularly participates in clay and game shooting, deer stalking, lamping, and big game hunting. His passion for shooting was ignited as a young man through airguns. He regularly competed in HFT and FT competitions at an international level and his performances have placed him amongst the UK’s Elite Hunter & Field Target shooters, winning several national titles

As a hunter I am a conservationist first and foremost. It’s my responsibility to ensure healthy populations of game exist for many generations to come. I must know my land intimately, its flora and fauna, and I’m careful to choose the right animal to harvest and always employ a holistic approach to sustainable game management.

An award-winning sporting journalist and founder of Team Wild TV, one of the world’s leading online hunting channels, Ian has a passion for sharing his experiences with others. He now joins Hawke to further share his experiences and knowledge from hunting around the globe.

Choosing the right equipment is an essential part of my preparation, whether it’s a bow, rifle, shot gun or air gun. Every part of my gear has been selected specifically for the quarry and hunting environment. I have spent countless hours on the range honing my marksmanship and perfecting my technique. My weapons have become an extension of me and nothing is left to chance.

Whether high up in the mountains or deep in the forests, Ian enjoys wide variety of hunting adventures across the globe and is highly proficient with rifle, shotgun, airgun, bow and other primitive weaponry.