Firearms Training – Long Range Shooting Skills

Long Range Shooting Skills

We head to WMS Firearms Training with renowned sniper school coach Andrew Venables to put our shooting skills and equipment to the test.

Mostly stalking at home here in the UK or even in Europe your average shot is never more than 150-200yds maximum. However, heading in to the vast territory of Alaska with a valley on one side that looks like a hop away and a mountain to the back of you that equally looks like a skip away are in fact miles.

What happens if our animals are 3, 4, 500yds away. What if this is our only chance of harvesting that animal, or in fact eating, are we capable of taking that shot? Is our equipment up to the task at hand?

A modest investment in preparation and practice will transform your hunting ability, ensuring you can make the best of your chances and making that trip of a lifetime far more rewarding.