How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy: Proper Fit

How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy: Proper Fit

There are many ways to improve your marksmanship ability and shooting accuracy, but without the right equipment, it is hard to progress. Proper fit is key to successful shooting.

One size does not fit all. Many people either discount this fact or take it too far. In example, a smaller person doesn’t necessarily need a smaller gun – perhaps just a shorter length of pull. It is important to make sure that a gun fits you properly before spending lots of time training and money on accessories. If your length of pull is too long or short, shooting is not only uncomfortable but accuracy suffers. If you are straining to look through your sights, you aren’t getting a consistent head position.

If someone’s first experience with firearms is negative, they are unlikely to return.

Consistency is imperative in all aspects of shooting, but it is impossible to get with an ill-fitted gun. When I started shooting long range, I had a stock that was far too long for me. In order to look through the sights I placed the butt of the rifle on my collarbone. This was not only painful and contributed to my developing a flinch, but skin and bone didn’t provide an opportunity to develop muscle memory. Switching to a stock with a shorter length of pull made a world of difference. Being comfortable allowed me to focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship while the shorter stock allowed for proper eye relief.

Buttons on the side of the Boyds At-One adjustable gunstock allow the user to adjust the height of the cheekpiece and length of pull. This makes it easy for one gun to fit multiple shooters. Photo Credit: Serena Juchnowski

Manufacturers have realized just how important fit is, offering stocks with adjustable length of pull and various aftermarket accessories. Adjustable cheekpieces are not just for competitive shooters or those in search of the greatest accuracy. Finding a gun that fits is perhaps most critical with new shooters. If someone’s first experience with firearms is negative, they are unlikely to return. It’s important to set yourself and others up for success.

It’s important to set yourself and others up for success.

Whether you are mentoring someone new or teaching your children or family members, it is unrealistic to have a firearm that fits everyone. Boyds Gunstocks Adjustable At-One Gunstock provides an affordable way to set up a firearm that can quickly adjust to fit a range of people without investing in competition style stocks. Pressing a button on the side of the stock releases the cheekpiece, allowing you to choose its height. Another button adjusts length of pull in the same fashion.

I never spent much time thinking about fit until I became a competitive shooter. I quickly realized that forcing shots or feeling uncomfortable didn’t equate to stellar scores. Your goals may vary from stacking shots on paper to hitting tin cans to taking ethical shots on game. No matter your purpose, be sure that your firearm fits you. This may mean changing a stock, adjusting scope eye relief, or sliding on a cheek pad – just take the time to think about it for yourself and your plus one.*

*Note – this is an allusion to the NSSF’s Plus One Movement to get more people involved in hunting and shooting.

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