How to use binoculars

How to use binoculars

Everybody’s eyesight is different, follow this simple how to use binoculars guide to get the best out of your binoculars and maximise your viewing pleasure.

  1. Preparation

    Remove lens caps, covers and set the diopter ring to the center position.
  2. Adjust the eye cups.

    • Eyeglass users will normally need the eye cups twisted down.
    • Users not wearing eyeglasses should adjust the eye cups upwards for optimum eye relief.
  3. Alignment

    Adjust the distance between the eyes to achieve perfect alignment of the eyes and the lens openings.
    • Hold the binocular in the normal viewing position.
    • Move the two barrels (either apart or closer to each other) until both views have merged into a single circle and you have a clear field of view.
  4. Choose an object to observe.

  5. Focus

    • Close your right eye and look through the left eye piece with your left eye.
    • Rotate the focus wheel until the image in through left eyepiece appears sharp.
  6. Dioptre

    • Close your left eye and look through the right eye piece with your right eye.
    • Rotate the diopter ring until the image is sharp.
    • The binoculars have now been adjusted to your eyes.

    The diopter setting is unique to you and no longer needs to be adjusted, however it is a good idea to note for future reference.

  7. You’re all set and ready to go!

    Use the focus wheel to adjust focus if necessary.