Shooting Cinema – Rifle Shooting Practise

The shooting cinema at the Müller Schießzentrum in Ulm offers the opportunity for rifle shooting practise at a number of static and moving targets, simulating real life hunting situations. We join Frederic Hanner from Sauer who shows us the techniques required to successfully shoot driven wild boar.

Wild boar hunting is a very technical sport, it’s not just about pulling the trigger.

Wild boar hunting is a technical sport, with many different points to aim for on a wild boar to bring them down humanely. The obvious place is the nervous system however, that is very difficult when the wild boar are running at a pace.

Fredrick recommends that for every 10 metres of distance to give roughly 10 centimetres of lead. Aim where the wild boar will be running and not where it is.

A Sauer 404 Synchro XTC in 308 topped with the Hawke Vantage 30 WA 1-4×24 ; using the techniques in our video a shooting cinema is successful environment for rifle shooting practise.

Progressing from static and air balloon targets onto moving wild boar targets offers a different type of challenge as each scenario brings a different situation. As the training continues, the level of difficulty is increased.

The final round is shooting wild boar targets going downhill. This is a particularly difficult shooting style.

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The UK’s first Shooting Cinema, Holland & Holland shooting range, offers a wide range of shooting scenarios and the opportunity to practise your technique.

Follow the Wild Boar hunt here

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