Giant Bull Moose

Alaska Hawke Hunt – Giant Bull Moose

Welcome to the Hunting in Alaska Series. The team is brimming with confidence after their successful grizzly bear hunt the previous day. Re-energised it is time to head back out for some epic moose hunting.

The constant change in weather does make conditions challenging, however, the team don’t let this dampen their spirits and it isn’t long until they catch a glimpse of the big bull moose.

Now we've got a bear down, the big thing to do is try and get one of those moose.

After several hours of glassing, heavy rain and being eaten alive by flies, it is time to head back to camp. Although the team was unsuccessful today, they are hopeful and already formulating a plan for tomorrow. Back at it early the next day, eagle eyed Steve spots their big bull in the distance. The weather is finally on their side and after approaching the moose through a batch of willows and alders, Ian sets his shooting sticks and readies his rifle.

This is the most critical part of moose hunting. The bull has spent the week surrounded by cows, calves and younger bulls – plenty of eyes, ears and nostrils to detect their approach. They must move slowly and deliberately, paying close attention to the swirling wind and close cover where dangerous predators may also be lurking.

Ian prepares his rifle; there will be no mistakes this time..

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