Moose Pack Out

Alaska Hawke Hunt – Moose Pack Out

After another tough day in the wild the team successfully harvested a bull moose but the hardwork doesn’t end there, the team have to prepare the meat ready to be moved. Today, they must begin the difficult task of packing out the giant bull Moose.

We've been hunting hard and the signs of wear and tear are clear to see.

As the team make their way to the collection of meat bags, they stop along the way to widen areas that will make their return journey as smooth as possible. It’s not just the weight of the load that provides the challenge. Balancing on slippery rocks and roots, plus the weight of water in the streams all add to the experience. After several trips moving the meat closer to camp, Ian must now begin to carry the most awkward part of the puzzle – the rack.

Nothing here is flat. It's either up, or down, or both!

The sheer effort it takes to manoeuvre the rack through this twisted maze of streams and branches illustrates just how powerful a beast the moose really is, effortlessly traversing this rugged landscape with a grace and majesty that is something to behold.

With their working day done, the team retire to the cook tent to dry out and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

However, the day is not done just yet. Another black bear has wandered on the ridge behind camp, offering another golden opportunity for Steve. He sets up his Blaser R8 on its Spartan javelin bipod and waits for the right shot to present itself


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