Roebuck Cull Stalking

Roebuck Cull Stalking

It is a warm July evening in Hampshire as we set out on the Roebuck cull. Not far into the stalk, we spot a decent looking Buck just on the hedge line two fields over with a Doe in tow. But the team can’t be too careful, there could be another young buck in the area.

This site is alive with deer.

Using the wind to mask their scent and sound they move in quickly to try and catch the older Buck alone. Working together they put the carefully planned holistic management program in place by culling the old, injured Buck to make way for a healthy young population.

Even though the vegetation is thick and the Buck is well hidden, it is no match for the teams calling skills and the Buck moves into better position for a clean shot.

With a successful stalk and a great shot, the pair make their way through the crop to find their Buck. A perfect way to start the day.

The fields are ripe with deer and the management plan is yielding great results. It is these moments that make the long hours and rough stalks worthwhile.

As the day wears on, they spot another perfect cull buck. Patience and careful shot placement are key. They must not let the moment go to waste. Carefully measured, the shot connects perfectly despite the buck running for cover. The carefully picked Hawke scope, Howa 1500 Rifle and GRS stock were perfect for the task.

Another great shot and another Roebuck cull to make way for the next generation of deer.