Muntjac Stalking in Northamptonshire

In the beautiful Northamptonshire wilderness we follow two muntjac stalking adventures.

It is a stunning evening in May as we join, Guns On Pegs Frank, an experienced hunter who has stalked muntjac numerous times in the past. However, the Northamptonshire countryside is slightly different to some of the locations Frank has previously experienced. This woodland has a strong presence of animal life including, muntjac, roe and fox. Equipped with the Sauer 202 bolt-action rifle, the team head out ready for their stalking adventure.

Frederic, Sauer Product Manager, and Keith are also out stalking. The pair explore the woodland and it does not take long before they spot a muntjac. Frederic gets his Sauer 100 rifle set up on his shooting sticks. This is Frederic first Muntjac and sounds of another one barking nearby are promising as they head out in search.

weather conditions are ideal for stalking

With the sun beginning to set we re-join Frank who is set up in a highseat. Whilst enjoying the stunning surroundings he spots a roe doe around 150 yards in the distance. However, there was a follower staying close by and Frank decides not to take the shot. With the light fading it is time call it a day head in.

The next morning Ian, Keith Frank and Frederic are out early. The weather conditions are ideal for stalking. Back in a highseat, Frank spots a muntjac in a nearby ride and decides to head in that direction on foot. Frederic has also taken up a position in a highseat, after several hours, he spots a fox nearby and decides to stalk into it on foot. Closing in on the fox’s location, Frederic gets step up on the shooting sticks and begins to call, the fox immediately responds and offers Frederic a safe, clean shot. He does not let this golden opportunity pass and takes the shot. Another perfect hit and the fox has been ethically dispatched.

As the day goes on both Frank and Frederic see plenty more exciting animal movement, but unfortunately, they were not in suitable positions. It has been a fantastic trip both Frank and Frederic and an outstanding adventure in the Great British countryside.