Planning Hunting High-Seats for Deer Control

Home to a strong population of muntjac and a roe deer, the teams’ concession takes their wealth of experience in managing vast woodlands in order to grow a healthy population of deer while protecting the forestry and farming interest of the landowner and utilising different types of hunting high-seats for effective deer control.

Summer Reconnaissance

One of the benefits of conducting land management during the summer period is that all foliage is fully grown. This gives you to a much better understanding of the area. Summer offers the perfect opportunity to asses all the infrastructures and carry out any necessary maintenance work.

It is critical to begin your reconnaissance during summer when the undergrowth is high, so you’ll be able to identify where the deer tracks and trails are located.

Trail Cams

Trail cameras and feeders can help to try and establish the type, age, size and general conditions of the animals. This is essential work for game management as you need to harvest the appropriate animal.

Some of the tricks used to encourage animals into view of the trail cams is to place mineral licks and beans along a trail. The purpose of this is to understand the animals that frequently visit this area.

There are three types of high seats used on the concession, ladder stands, elevated box stands and ground blinds.

The Ladder Stand

The ladder stand is made from solid steel with a galvanised coating for weatherproof protection throughout the winter. This particular type of high seat is attached to a solid tree base and gives you 180-degree field of version.

Elevated Box Stand

The elevated box stand is completely different to the ladder stand. It is built to be free standing and does not need to be attached to a tree. It is robust, sturdy and gives you a complete 360-degree view of the surrounding area. This type of high seat is particularly useful in the winter period when the temperature is very low.

Ground Blind

The third and final type of seat used on the estate is a ground blind. If used correctly ground blinds offer great cover to conceal hunters and block human scent. Ground blinds hide movement and provide protection from the elements, especially during winter.

Knowing where to place ground blinds effectively is the key to success, surrounding the blind with vegetation will help it blend into the natural environment. When entering and leaving a ground blind it’s important, be smart and never let a deer see you in the blind. Deer are likely to change their movements.

There’s a huge amount of work that goes into effective deer management. Understanding your land only comes from reconnaissance, to get the best out of your ground, you really have to put the work in.

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