How to use your spotting scope

How to use your spotting scope

Everybody’s eyesight is slightly different, follow this simple how to use your spotting scope guide to get the best out of your spotting scope and maximise your viewing pleasure.:

  1. Preparation

    Remove lens caps, covers.
  2. Mounting

    Mounting a Hawke spotting scope to a tripod could not be simpler with an easy to attach standard tripod thread (1/4-20 UNC) allowing for positioning and solid mounting to keep the spotting scope still when in use.
    • If your tripod comes with a ‘Quick release plate’ secure this to the spotting scope mounting shoe and tighten firmly
    • Place the plate & mounting shoe into the tripod and secure.

    A rotating tripod band is available on some models to allow body rotation and alternative scope orientation.

  3. Adjust the eye cups.

    • Eyeglass users will normally need the eye cups twisted (or folded) down.
    • Users not wearing eyeglasses should adjust the eye cups upwards for optimum eye relief.
  4. Choose an object to observe.

  5. Focus

    • Rotate the eye piece zoom ring to the lowest magnification.
    • Adjust the focus control until the image appears clear.
  6. You’re all set and ready to go!

    Rotate the eye piece zoom ring to the desired magnification and re-focus with the focus knob if necessary