How to maintain your spotting scope

How to maintain your spotting scope

Hawke spotting scopes are robust, precision optical instruments protected against dust and moisture and with the correct care and maintenance can provide years of unparalleled service.

  1. Storage : When not in use

    • Keep lens covers on.
    • Store your spotting scope in the protective carry case in a moisture-free environment.
  2. Remove Dirt & Debris

    It is imperative you first remove any small dirt particles from the lenses before using a cloth. Use either a lens blower or very fine brush.
  3. Cleaning the Lenses

    Gently rub the lens with the lens cloth that comes with your binocular, or a similar soft, lintless cloth.
  4. Cleaning the Body

    It’s recommended to first remove any small particles or dirt using a blower or very fine brush. To remove stubborn dirt or grease, add one or two drops of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth.

      • Do not use any household glass or cleaning products. Abrasive solutions can damage the lenses.
      • Never attempt to clean your binocular internally or try to take it apart.

    Any attempt to open your spotting scope will invalidate your warranty and could cause irreparable damage.