Moving Hunt Base Camp in Alaska

Moving to Moose Country in Alaska

During the epic Alaskan adventure  the hunt base camp location is vital for the hunt success. It is a wet and cold morning as they begin to take down their current camp base and prepare to move onto a new location that is known to have a strong population of moose and grizzly bear.The team have the challenging task of packing down all of their equipment ready for the arrival of bush pilot.

Before moving on the team make a quick pit stop at a local airfield to change planes. Once again it is a tight schedule and all the equipment needs to be unloaded quickly and moved onto the Maul M5.

It’s a wet and cold morning ...The team have the challenging task

Selecting the right hunt base camp will increase their odds of having a successful hunt and setting up a comfortable hunt camp will make the trip even more enjoyable. The weather is still on their side but the team know a storm could be right around the corner. They tirelessly continue to set up camp, using large rocks from a nearby creek to hold down the guide ropes attached to the tent.

It is been another busy day and the team now find themselves in their new home for the next few days. After spending some time glassing the surrounding area, it is time for a coffee as tomorrow will be another epic down in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Other hunting products used

Sauer 404 Synchro XTC in .300 WIN

Hornady Interlock 150grain ammunition

The Air Arms S510 TDR

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