Moose Calling in Alaska

Moose Calling in Alaska

An epic self-guided hunting adventure in Alaska continues. The exertions from packing out the two massive caribou bulls earlier in the week and moving camp have started to take a toll on Ian and Steve. However, they haven’t let their tired bodies dampen their spirits and are up early ready for another exciting day in the Alaskan wilderness.

Then the monster steps into view. This huge bull is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

The weather is spectacular and it is not long until they spot a moose in the distance between 800-900 yards away. Before they plan their approach, the team need to be sure that the moose is in the legal requirements to be harvested.

Trekking to within 400 yards away in a more suitable position, they are able to identify the bull and unfortunately it isn’t within the legal restrictions.

It is a positive sign of things to come. During a brief break from glassing, Ian takes the time to explain why he has chosen the Sauer 404 XTC. The lightweight and manoeuvrable rifle design also has abundance of features making it ideal to tackle the challenging conditions of the Alaskan wilds. Glassing once again, it doesn’t take long until two mature bulls appear.

Then the monster steps into view. This huge bull is exactly what they have been looking for and is undoubtedly the big one they have seen high up on the mountain over the past couple of days. Ian tends to use calls sparingly to spark a bull’s interest but Steve has a couple of new tricks he would like to try out! He lets out his most alluring cow call, which succeeds in catching the bulls attention…. shed antlers are white and Steve is testing out flashing some white to attract the bull too!

Unfortunately, the massive bull moose leaves the valley. Somewhat disheartened and with daylight fading, the team make their way back to camp. This is what hunting is all about, situations like this can be saddening, but you have to prepare that things do not always go the way you would hoped. Tomorrow is a new day and the team remain confidant that their moose is out there.

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Other hunting products used

Sauer 404 Synchro XTC in .300 WIN

Hornady Interlock 150grain ammunition

The Air Arms S510 TDR

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