Riflescope Parts & Anatomy

ADJUSTABLE OBJECTIVE (AO) RIFLESCOPE PARTS Adjustable objective (AO) riflescope


1  Objective lens Light gathering element of the scope.  Larger objective lenses have a better light gathering ability, increase the exit pupil diameter and provide brighter images.

2  Objective bell Enlarged part of the scope tube which houses the objective lens. The end of the objective bell is usually threaded to accept a sunshade.

3  Scope tube Hawke scope tubes come in two sizes; 1 inch and 30mm.  In general, the 30mm scopes are stronger and designed to withstand heavier recoil energies.  The scope tube is the mounting area of the scope, where the scope mount rings are to be fitted. Learn about how to mount a riflescope here.

4  Windage turret Used for adjusting the horizontal aim of the scope.

5  Elevation  turret Used for adjusting the vertical aim of the scope.

6  Zoom / Magnification ring Used for adjusting the magnification setting of the scope. Learn more about riflescope alignment and adjusting loss of aim here.

7  Ocular focus Used for adjusting the focus on the reticle only.  Once set the ocular focus should not need to be changed unless the scope is being used by another shooter, or if your eyesight has changed, e.g. started using corrective glasses.

8  Ocular lens The viewing lens of the riflescope.  To get best viewing results place your eye at the correct eye relief listed on the scope's specification.

9  Eyebell housing The main housing of the ocular lens and reticle.

10  Illuminated reticle (IR) battery cap The end battery cap can be unscrewed and completely removed so access to the battery is gained.  All Hawke Rifle Scopes use a single CR2032 battery.

11  Illuminated reticle (IR) turret Used to adjust the brightness level of the illuminated reticle. Different styles of IR Turret exist: Hawke riflescope rheostat close up images 12  Side focus (SF) Used for adjusting the focus distance and parallax setting of the scope.  Some scopes have an extendable side focus wheel that can be fitted for improved accuracy, better grip and enhanced feel.

13  Adjustable objective (AO) Similar to a side focus, the AO is used for adjusting the focus distance and parallax setting of the scope. See the Hawke riflescope user guide for more information on your scope.

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