Roebuck Calling

It is a slightly damp but warm July morning in Hampshire as the team head out early for an epic Roebuck stalking adventure. The humid temperature is key when it comes to Roebuck calling. The plan for today is to take up in a highseat and call in a strong buck that operates all along the valley.

...perfect conditions for growing big deer

As they begin their approach, the team come across a three-month-old kid. The roe is already beginning to develop; the conditions in Hampshire are perfect for growing big deer. Roe Does typically give birth to twins, it is long until they spot both kids grazing together. It is an amazing experience to see nature up close like this.

Set up in a highseat, they begin to call and it doesn’t take long for the illusive roebuck to appear in the clearing. Patiently waiting for a buck to offer a clean, safe shot. It has been another incredible day out in the Great British countryside.