Into The Alaskan Wilderness

Alaska Hawke Hunt – Into The Wilderness

After an epic journey to the Alaskan wilderness and what will be their home for the next 15 days, the team have settled into camp and are excited to begin their adventure in the wild.

But this is Alaska and things don’t always go to plan. The weather patterns are dramatic and unpredictable. The team must wait out the persistent rain and fog before beginning their journey into the Alaskan wilderness.

Whilst this can be more than a little frustrating, Ian and Steve pass the time by telling stories of their previous hunting adventures in between the odd breaks in the weather where they’re able to catch a glimpse of a number of moose bulls far in the distance.

...this is Alaska and things don’t always go to plan.

As day three begins the weather had changed for the better. The team decides this would be the ideal time to glass the surrounding area and as luck would have it, the moose are within sight.

They select a route and head off up the mountains for what’s sure to be an incredible outing on the first real day of the hunt.