UK Deer Series : Muntjac Stalking in Northamptonshire

Following a period of sustained sunshine, the Spring really has kicked into early Summer now. There’s a lot of fresh growth, a lot of high undergrowth, so spotting muntjac is going to be tough job. The afternoon is eerily calm, with little more than a breath of wind stalking is slow and purposefully, with frequent stops to scan the undergrowth for any signs of quarry.

Typically around half a metre high and between 10 and 15 kilos in weight, muntjac stalking is notoriously difficult on foot at this time of year as they are able to weave their way through the undergrowth, rarely offering a glimpse, let alone an opportunity for a shot. For this reason, hunting from a high seat is often the best approach.

Exploring some of the areas of woodland that have not been accessed in recent years may work. Effective deer management is about getting a clear idea of the deer numbers, and the environment supporting them, enabling people to make a better decision as to which deer are harvested within the context of the overall goal of maintaining a thriving and healthy population.

This is the time of the evening where you need good optics…

As the light dims, this is time of evening where you need good optics and the Hawke Endurance Binoculars are tried and tested and the Hawke Vantage riflescope with a 30mm monotube construction, but most importantly its got a large objective lens so it really does pull a lot of light in.

…moving quickly, but quietly, Frederic closes the gap and prepares to take the shot.

Unfortunately nothing has come into the area from the high seat and heading out on foot is a better plan. Movement in the far distance leads a trails on through the forest. This time, with luck, a small cull buck is moving cautiously through the undergrowth, not too far away.

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