UK Deer Series : Stalking Roebuck in Cornwall

The great British summer is the perfect time to stalk through the picturesque valleys of Cornwall in search for Roebuck. However, there is one thing for which the weather in the Britain is know the world over, its unpredictable nature. Sunshine one minute, driving wind and rain the next. Stalking here has so far proven challenging.

After a rocky start, the weather gives a brief reprieve, enough to allow a clear view, but even with keen eye and experience in the field the team are constantly coming up short of deer sightings.

Even after the disappointment, they persevere. Trekking on through the dense trees and undergrowth and across miles of beautiful countryside, in the hopes of catching up with the bucks that are so insistent on remaining hidden.

...a beautiful cull buck presents itself to a clearing, and I make the chance count.

After days of patient stalking, the team find themselves at the right place, at the right time. A beautiful cull buck presents itself in a clearing and a clean shot and a nice cull buck provides a welcome relief. But they still have one more day, and this buck has raised their spirits.

It is early, and the morning light has yet to dissipate, the shadows offer perfect cover for s stalk through the forest. The enthusiasm remains strong as the team scan the trees through a Hawke Endurance Binocular, with a large objective lenses and multi-coated optics ideal for the low light conditions. things for sure, they made us work for it.

Yet again, the forest remains silent, so they move on once more, hoping for better results out in the open. As they skirt the edges of the woods, they spot a doe and a buck lounging in a neighbouring field. They move quickly and quietly so they can get in closer. As the buck is bedding down to rest their best bet is to try to call them closer. The call catches the doe’s attention as they had hoped and they ready the shot, waiting for the doe to succumb to her curiosity.

As expected, the buck follows suit. Spotting an injured front leg, they take the shot as soon as the buck comes to a stop.

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