Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary : Shooting Cinema Target Practice

Shooting Cinema Target Practice

Put your driven wild boar shooting skills to the test in a Shooting Cinema. There’s a canvas, with a backstop behind it and films of real wild boar. It’s live ammo, and you shot at the film, whilst a computer calculates the point of impact and where the wild boar was at that precise time.

An incredible experience, it provides the opportunity of fine tuning our shooting skills whilst having a bucket load of fun!

This is where all the Shooting Practice & Techniques learnt at WMS Firearms really comes into practise, with boar running at different speeds, angles and elevations. This means instinctive adjustments to rifle speed, lead and follow through.

The opportunity to shoot live rounds, in a no pressure shooting environment allows the team to enjoy getting back to basics.

  • Hawke Endurance WA Riflescope

    ENDURANCE 1-4x24

    Wide Angle optical system. Long 4″ Eye Relief. 18 layer Fully Multi-Coated optics for exceptional clarity. 1⁄2 MOA low-profile no-snag fingertip turrets

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  • Hawke Frontier Riflescope

    FRONTIER 1-6x24

    6x ratio precision engineered optical system. 21 layer fully multi-coated optics for ultimate clarity. 1⁄4″ @100yd low profile no-snag fingertip turrets

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  • Hawke Micro Reflex Dot


    3 MOA red dot with 9 stage digital brightness control. 25 layer Multi-Coated optics for maximum clarity. Ultra compact and lightweight aluminium construction.

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