Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary : Driven Wild Boar

Driven Wild Boar Hunting : Day 1

It is a beautiful morning in rural Hungary and the team join fellow hunters as they gather for their first driven hunting adventure. As everyone begins to arrive there is an aura of respect and camaraderie between everyone involved.

It takes the efforts of a huge group of people and dogs to bring together a days driven hunt.

There is a mixture of experienced guns and hunters who are new to this style of shooting, all of this adds to the excitement of the day ahead.

After the morning briefing where the format of the day is discussed the guns head out to their pegs. Driven hunting like this is a great way to maintain a healthy number of wild boars; it is critical to manage the right balance with nature throughout Europe. Find out more about the Hawke hunts in Europe.

[Wild Boar] are as much of a problem here as they are anywhere else in Europe. So these hunts are an important way of managing the number of pigs here and keeping that balance right with nature.

The rifle used is a Sauer 404 Synchro XT rifle, which was also used in Alaska. The Sauer 404 has some innovative features that are perfect for driven hunting. Attached is a Hawke Endurance 1-4×24 scope. Watch the team set-up the scope for this hunt.  The weather is extremely cold, but thankfully the team are prepared in Deerhunter Mouflon suit. Find out more about hunting in cold weather. The other trusty go to rifle, the Blaser R8 Professional Success in 300 win mag, also used in Alaska and ideal for the hunting ahead.

The First Drive

The first drive comes to an end and unfortunately the team have not come across any wild boars. View more Wild Boar hunts from Hawke. There was plenty of animal activity as two hares and a roe doe ran through the area. However, the roe doe isn’t on the tableau today. Although disappointed, the team remain optimistic for the next two drives.

The temperature has increased slightly, but the snow continues to fall. The scenery is spectacular; all that is missing is some pigs. .

The Second Drive

Again more animals are seen in the distance. This time a herd of Red deer move quickly throughout the opening and neighbouring guns take a shot but fails to connect. As sounds of gunfire can be heard around the woodland the team patiently wait for the beaters to come through and drive the wild boars passed the position. Follow the Hawke team on a deer hunt.

The guns head back to meet with the others to reflect and discuss the days outing. The second drive had gone on slightly longer than anticipated. This meant with daylight fading the team were unable to go out on their third planned drive.

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