Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary : High Seat Hunt

Day 2 : High Seat Hunt

Day Two of the driven wild boar hunt and the team are hunting in high seats, on the lookout for Wild Boar. With the guns in high spirits the anticipation to see some boar rises and the day ahead looks promising in this first high seat hunt.

As the morning briefing takes place, the excitement and anticipation begin to build. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to hunt here in Hungary once again. This hunt has been organised by Tamas Tacaks of Wonderheart Hunting who ensures everyone is fully briefed on the day’s proceedings.

No amount of training or simulation can prepare you for the real thing.

Positioned in a high seat for the first drive offers a great view of the ground ahead while providing a safer angle to shoot running game when the terrain is relatively flat or sloping away. Particularly when your neighbouring guns are positioned nearby.

The First Drive

A group of fallow ran through, unfortunately they were all bunched together so they did not present a shot. Shooting with a Blaser R8 Professional Success in 300 Win Mag for its speed and safety features toped with the Hawke Frontier 30 1-6×24 IR Riflescope, a well rounded combination for driven wild boar hunting. After taking several shots off to the right, the boars remain elusive and quick, leaving the guns disappointed and empty handed. It just proves that even the most prepared and skilled hunter cannot always keep up with the wild.

With the sun shining and the guns in good spirit, the second drive shows promise. This drive is located in a ride with woods and high seats on either side. Beaters will push the game across from one side to the other to give the shooters the best chance of getting a boar.

Taking a few well aimed shots, but with the other guns firing all along the line in the same instance, Steve is unsure if the bullet found its mark or if the pig got away and in the thick brush, nothing is certain until the beaters comb the brush.

The Second Drive

This is where experience really comes into play. No amount of training or simulation can fully prepare you for the real thing.

Hunters often arrive at driven hunts with unrealistic expectations of the numbers of animals they might see.

The guns reflect on another uneventful drive but share smiles and congratulations. It has still been a brilliant and exciting day for all. As in many of the European countries, Hungary has many respectful hunting traditions. Celebrating the fallen game and give thanks for its bounty but also initiating those new to hunting into our ranks. When all is said and done, everyone celebrates their new found friendships and relief as the beaters bring home the victories.

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