Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary : Hunting Traditions

Day 2 : Hunting Traditions

It is the second and final day of the driven wild boar hunt in Hungary and we head out hoping to finally bag a wild boar. Tradition is a huge part of hunting in Hungary and we explore some of these traditions in greater detail.

Take a look at all the essential equipment for a long trip such as this, and how to keep organise on a hunting trip. Taking the right clothes for cold weather is essential but also thinking about what he needs for the right hunt is crucial. In this case, binoculars may be more of a hindrance than a help as the shooter should be stationed close enough to the boar to not need them. Knowing that they will be opening up pigs, a knife sharpener is an excellent tool to have at hand.

Hunting with a new group of people is an amazing experience and the friendships formed on this trip can be just as important as the hunt itself.

The First Drive

The morning on the way to the first drive starts out dull and overcast. Being positioned on the ground Ian is prepared with his sticks to help steady his shot. With shooters to the left and right, the arc of fire is about 40 yards in front, 150 yards to the right and 80 to the left; a good backstop and a heavy ammunition will give an advantage on these fast sprinting boars.

It's easy to get disheartened when things aren't going your way, but it's vital not to lose focus.

Even though the first drive was uneventful, the sounds of gunshots in the distance give hope that there was still something out there worth waiting for. The sunshine seems like a sign of good things to come. It is easy to get disheartened when things don’t go the way they are hoped but it is vital not to lose focus and give into those unrealistic expectations.

The Second Drive

Again, no high seat means another drive standing on the sticks and waiting for the perfect moment. A Fallow Doe makes an appearance around 80 yards away, unfortunately she placed herself close to the beaters and the dogs scared her off, by the time she was in the perfect place it was unsafe to shoot.

Just as all hope was lost, Ian was rewarded with another opportunity. A fellow shooter wounded a pig directly in front of his path and seizing the opportunity he takes down the pig with one shot. A perfect example of team work at its finest.

A couple more pigs would be the icing on the cake.

Tradition is a huge part of hunting in Hungary and giving thanks to an animal is just as important as the kill.

The Final Drive

For the final drive, the opportunity to sit in the high seat, with a much needed elevated position there is more potential as the sun begins to set. Soon into the drive a fallow appears to his left and shortly after, the beaters cry as a boar comes sprinting out of the woodlands to the right. The boar goes down easily with just one powerful punch from a Hornady Superformance SSTs.

The day has been successful and with the final drive giving a fallow deer and a boar.

Winding down the day with a little bit of housekeeping and some fine celebrations of a successful hunt looking back on the trip and the great team around for making a fantastic life experience.

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