Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary : Scope Preparation

Hawke Scope & Reflex Sight Preparation

In preparation for a driven wild boar hunt we will take you through the rifle and scope set-up.

Whilst very excited about the adventure that awaits, the team are not prepared. They are used to wilderness hunts, like last years Alaskan Adventure, shooting at 300+yds at giant moose.

Wild boar hunting in Hungary is much more about scope set-up for ballistic and fast moving animals at a much shorter range. The team need to zero in their scope set-up and fine tune their setups to suit the unique and specific requirements of hunting wild boar, selecting three shooting configurations that are low mag, manoeuvrable and lightweight.

I'm pretty sure the round is bigger enough... If it can bring down a moose, it can bring down a wild boar.

Hawke Frontier 1-6×24 mounted on a Blaser R8 Professional Success 300 Win Mag.

Hawke Endurance WA 1-4×24 mounted on a Sauer 404 338 Win Mag.

Hawke Micro Reflex Dot (3 MOA) mounted on a Howa 1500 GRS Berserk Stock 308 (185 grain Lapua Megas)


At 54g it's probably the lightest sighting system I've ever used... I'm extremely impressed so far.

(Hawke Micro Reflex Dot)

  • Hawke Endurance WA Riflescope

    ENDURANCE 1-4x24

    Wide Angle optical system. Long 4″ Eye Relief. 18 layer Fully Multi-Coated optics for exceptional clarity. 1⁄2 MOA low-profile no-snag fingertip turrets

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  • Hawke Frontier Riflescope

    FRONTIER 1-6x24

    6x ratio precision engineered optical system. 21 layer fully multi-coated optics for ultimate clarity. 1⁄4″ @100yd low profile no-snag fingertip turrets

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  • Hawke Micro Reflex Dot


    3 MOA red dot with 9 stage digital brightness control. 25 layer Multi-Coated optics for maximum clarity. Ultra compact and lightweight aluminium construction.

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